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How to mine Ether1 ETHO

How to start mining for Ether1 ETHO

What is Ether1?

Ether-1 aims to bring a complete, end-to-end decentralised hosting solution via a network of masternodes and service nodes to deliver content on demand. Ether-1 is based on the go-ethereum codebase and uses the popular Ethash POW consensus algorithm.

Your going to need a wallet to store all them ETSC’s in

Ether1 Web Wallet 

Download the miner
Claymore’s Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v11.9 (Windows/Linux)

Decide on a mining pool

here are some suggestions:
etho pool sexy
etho minerpool net

Last the .bat file

Below is the bat file (.bat) download. This contains all the above pool configuration settings to start the miner. 

Download and save it in the Claymore’s Dual Ethereum folder you downloaded above.

Edit the batch file by right clicking on it and select edit.

Now replace the wallet address with your own (or leave it as is and give poor Nigel and Stuart a few coins Ha Ha thanks) and change Rig1, somthing  to identify your rig

[wpdm_package id=’18710′]

Happy Mining from the BuyFromUs boyz

Leave us a comment at the bottom of the page.

Ether1 Cryptocurrency

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