How Many Times Do I Have To Reset My Router?

It’s a tale as old as time its self:   Related image Your internet gets finicky, so you unplug your router, plug it back in, and all of a sudden it’s magically working again and why wait for 10 seconds? A lot of modern technology contains capacitors! These are like energy containers, little batteries that fill up when you put a current. 10 seconds is the time it takes most capacitors to discharge. That's why when you turn off your Laptop at the wall, things like an LED on your Laptop charger take a few seconds to disappear. You probably could wait a different time, but 10 seconds is the shortest time to be sure everything's discharged. But why does this happen, really? It could be a number of things: maybe it’s overheating, maybe it’s getting bogged down from too much traffic (like BitTorrent), or maybe it’s just a crappy router.
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