Improve Windows 10 Battery Life

Battery Saver

Simply go to Settings and System and select Battery Saver from the panel on the left. Battery Saver will extend the life of your battery by limiting push notifications and background activity on your laptop. By limiting the apps that are performing tasks in the background, your battery is given an extra boost.

Battery Saver can’t be enabled if your device is plugged in at the time. Battery Saver will automatically start when your battery goes down to 20% or less. However by going to Battery Saver Settings, you can use the slider to change this to a different percentage. Battery Saver Settings also gives you the option to lower screen brightness and allow push notifications from your chosen apps.

Power & sleep settings

Once again, click on Settings and System, but this time select Power & sleep from the panel on the left. From here, you can choose how long it will take to turn your laptop off. You can select how long is allowed before the screen turns off and the laptop goes to sleep. The best way to increase battery life is by fully shutting down your device when it’s not in use.

By selecting Additional power settings you access a further range of options. Here you can choose what closing the lid does or what the power buttons do. You can also choose Power Saver mode, which saves on energy by limiting the device’s performance where possible.


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