Welcome to: www.BuyFromUs.es

Welcome to: www.BuyFromUs.es

New and used computer and related electronics at discounted prices

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We buy and sell, electronics from around the world, mostly PC focussed. 

Sometimes we’ll buy excess stock or discounted kit, or take something as a trade in. We test and ensure it works, if it does work but doesn’t fit the profile of our regular stock, here’s where we’ll sell it cheap. Here’s where we sell rather than throw away. 

All this kit works, we just want to turn into usable cash, hence the discounted prices.

We know it all works, we check, double check and check again. 
We’re always happy to show, prove or test for you before you buy.

However, we sell all goods as seen. Returns accepted, only those that on the day of delivery, the product arrives broken..

This is all equipment that works.
It’s too good to throw away and subsequently, sold heavily discounted.

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