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How to mine Bitcoiin (B2G) Bitcoiin2Gen

All the information needed to start mining for Bitcoiin (B2G) Bitcoiin2Gen

What is Bitcoiin?

The World’s First Self-Sustaining Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoiin for everyone Currently the original Bitcoin is becoming out of reach for the average person, whether it be as an investment vehicle or as a means of P2P transacting. Therefore Bitcoiin 2Gen is addressing issues with relation to speed of transactions, security, mining and costs of transactions. Our goal is to produce a unique eco-system which uses the most advanced blockchain technology while incorporating the decentralized and deregulated nature of the original Bitcoin and providing anonymity.

1st you will need a wallet to store your Bitcoiin.
Web wallet

2nd download the miner
Claymore’s Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v11.9 (Windows/Linux)

3rd decide on the mining pool

here are some suggestions: 

Last the .bat file

Below is the bat file (.bat) download that contains all the above pool start settings 

Download and save it to the Claymore’s Dual Ethereum folder you downloaded above.

Edit the batch file by right clicking on it and select edit.

Now replace the wallet address with your own (or leave it as is and give poor Nigel and Stuart a few coins Ha Ha thanks) and change Rig1, somthing  to identify your rig

[wpdm_package id=’18853′]

Happy Mining from the BuyFromUs boyz

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Bitcoiin (B2G) Bitcoiin2Gen Cryptocurrency

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