Hewlett Packard 6720 PORTABLE

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Cosmetic Grade B. 
Lid B. 
Edges B.

Touchpad B.
Keyboard A. 

Palmrest B. 
Screen A.
Screen surround A. 


Has been re-covered, purple lid and silver palm rest


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This HP is working well, it is too good to scrap and could do with a new home. Don’t run paintshop or heavy database analytics, but for email, skype, whatsapp (pc based), facebook etc, this little beast will just keep going.

For child, 2nd PC, to cast or stream tv, or use as a music player this is absolutely perfect.. It could also easily MAIL, web browse, view You Tube,
SKYPE is possible, but it is a little “old school” the camera is old and not as good as you get with modern kit.  (new external camera available, from €5 – or use your phone as the IP cam) It’s still a working and usable PC
Here’s the HP page with all the technical spec of this PC
Was originally Vista, but now Windows 10 (64 pro) and runs a treat.


In truth, maybe another 2GB of RAM would be better (+€30) but with it’s existing 2GB it works well, just not great a swapping tasks….

The case and palmrest both were showing wear and tear, so we recovered, purple for the lid and silver on the palmrest… the palmrest looks like the original, purple is a bit loud, but better than scratched so it’s clean and fresh

We supply guaranteed working… your welcome to come over try it and pusj it through it’s paces before comitting to buy. However, there is no support or guarantee, so if in 3 months the battery stops, we’ll happily get you another one, but that’s a bought item, not replaced free.




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