We are Nigel and Stuart, two UK ex-pats, Manchester and Glasgo, both of us resident in Frigiliana.

We’ve been in Spain for 30+ years and before leaving the UK we both worked in IT for 40+ years too.

Our experience collectively, gives us a mountain of experience and knowledge to utilize. Sure, we all make mistakes, but using us, means you’re not going to make some of the mistakes we’ve made over the last 50 years.

Nigel’s details

English Speaker

Hablo Espanol (medio)

Microsoft MSC Engineer, From hot desk engineer to technical director, loads of IT experience.


Email: nigel@buyfromus.es
Tel: +34 620 25 60 92

Stuart’s details

English Speaker

Hablo Espanol 

Hardware and Solution sales PC and Unix based, Databases, Data Storage, Communications & Networking  

Email: stuart@buyfromus.es
Tel: +34 665 34 35 45

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